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Here at Royalty & Respect, each package is designed to cater to your artistic needs. We will work with you through the creative process and create a quality product that turns your vision into reality. As an artist management and development company, we spend the time creating your artistic vision and branding, so that you can have more time focusing on your craft.

Each package is guaranteed to generate a product to meet the standards of the highest grossing artists to date. Our in-house method allows us to operate efficiently and focus on perfecting even the smallest of details. Our clients are guaranteed to see a return of investment in their followers, their streams, and their income. Several of our clients become profitable brands where they are able to become truly independent off of their music.

Committing to this program from beginning to end will take both you and your music to the next level of your career in the music industry. With our system you will become your own manager, become your own brand, and develop yourself as an independent artist whether your music is rap, hip hop, trap, pop, or any other genre.


  • Song Production

  • Song Administration

  • Consulting for management, social media, and website

  • Video Production

  • Marketing

  • Value Added Services

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